Weather Triggers Different Allergies

Weather triggers different allergies. The most important thing to know about allergy is that allergies does not appear without being stimulated by something. Actually many people are suffering from allergy because of weather. High humidity, coldness, heat, wind. These factors affect us form suffering from allergy. Due to windy atmosphere, dust can actually pass through nasal and mouth passages. Dust allergy can trigger asthma and hard in breathing. Dust mite can also cause allergy.

What about heat? How can heat trigger allergy? Actually, heat can actually heat rash and this can lead to swelling of the rashes. Sometimes, itchy skin and prickly feeling can be felt when having heat rash. This is why it is advisable not to stay long under the sun from 10 am to 3 pm because the sun is so scorching. Heat allergy can also be caused by hot air in hot areas.  An-an is one of the skin diseases that is triggered by heat.

You need strong Immune system in order to fight over the heat allergy that triggers skin diseases. What is also known is that water can cause allergy too. Dirty water from rain, where dust particles settled, can trigger allergy especially in skin. There are skin that are too sensitive; dirty water can also cause skin to rash especially to babies, skin diseases can appear when the skin is not used to water. For this type of skin, they have to be using tap water or mineral water.