Hay Fever Symptoms and Treatment

One common allergic conditions spreading around the world is the hay fever and around tens of millions of people are affected by this kind of allergy. You may think it is a kind of fever or you will suffer fever when you are attack by this disease but hay fever is not a type of fever. As a matter of fact, hay fever is a type of allergy caused by pollens (pollen grains).

In the near future, the number of individuals affected by this type of allergy is expected to increase. Hay fever allergy is usually triggered during spring, fall and summer of which most pollens are release into the air, thus having contact with people causing them to have such an allergy. If possible, during these times, it is recommendable to stay inside the house or at least use protective suits when going outside.

“When to know I am suffering hay fever?” These are the common symptoms for hay fever – runny nose, itchy and reddish eyes (usually watery), sneezing frequently, headache. In some cases, a patient may loss appetite and sense of smell. These symptoms may seem to be similar with that of the common viral infections so you need to distinguish since the way they are treated are different. Even their risks are different.

Hay fever can be treated through antihistamines, allergy shots, eye drops. All are effective to relieve the sensitivity to pollens and allergy reliever. Prevention of hay fever accordingly is far better so must protect yourself when you know that great number of pollens are attacking.